Innovative and Accurate

F 560 Automatic Hematology Analyzer combines core technology with a compact frame. Superior performance and whole course quality management can fully meet the requirements of clinical labs.


Micro blood volume handles various blood collection dilemmas.        

The specific nucleic acid combination and advanced
molecular biological staining
guarantee the accuracy of the measurement results.

Core Assurance
Nucleic acid fluorescence staining | Sensitive Alarm
Escort the Frontend Analysis
Micro blood sampling | Pre-assay QC
Test Channels
Multi-channels to avoid interference An individual channel to distinguish
Test Options
Free to switch between CBC and CBC+DIFF Whole blood, capillary blood, and pre-dilution blood are available.
4 routine reagents, 1 cleaning solution Gentle sample-processing generates excellent results on aging samples.
Intelligent Software System
Automated data storage and backup User-friendly, simple and intuitive operation Self-Report system available

Sensitive alarm to improve the
detection rate of abnormal cells,which is flexible and reliable.

Multi-channels | Freely to switch modules
Various sample types

The quality control during the whole process to ensure the results accurate.
ensures that there are no loopholes in laboratory evaluation and certification.